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File Specs/Preperation

How to Install Vinyl Lettering

Color Chart



File Specs/Preperation.

The best program to use for designing vinyl lettering is Adobe Illustrator. (don't have Illustrator, read below)

  • Create your lettering graphics in a new file to actual size. (if you want 2" tall letters, make them 2" in the file. Check all sizes to make sure this will fit on the wall your working on.)
  • Save this file as a master version. Then save a second version naming it "Outline".
  • In "Outline" version, Select all your text on the file, then on top menu, select TYPE>CREATE OUTLINES. This will change your editable text into objects. Doing this will allow any computer to open the file even if it doesn't have the exact font.
  • Save this file as AI version CS3 or PDF and it should be ready to go.

If you don't have Illustrator, Simply send the text in an email and the demensions you want it to be. For example, you have an artist statement that is 100 words. Copy paste this to your email and say what size area you would like this lettering to fit on. "I would like the total size of this statement to be 36" wide by 24" tall with Garamond as the font and black matte vinyl". With this info I can create a proof and send it back for approval.

Email File to: nomenculture@yahoo.com


How to install vinyl lettering

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Also check Youtube for videos on installing vinyl letters


Color Chart
Matte Black, Dark Grey, Med Grey and Light Grey in stock.
All basic gloss colors availabe: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Biege and more.



Gallery Lettering, Wall Vinyl